Shaqir Hussyin, who recently turned 26 years old and who resides in the UK just crossed $1 million in total commissions earned in MOBE.

He’s the 3rd person to do it.

He has achieved that goal in just a little over a year. This is the recording on the Skype call I made to him letting him know the good news… and you can see the message below, which he sent me on Skype shortly after.

So how exactly did he do it?

He focused on one getting good at one thing; traffic generation. He sends traffic to our marketing system, and then MOBE takes over from there.

Our email follow up, webinar follow up, direct mail follow up, and phone follow up all come into play.

We make offers to his leads, and every time they buy one of our products or live events, Shaqir makes a commission. What separates the MOBE marketing system from all others is mainly 2 things:

1.) Our follow up is very good. Most marketers I see in this industry collect less than 10% of the potential money from their existing traffic. They make a few front end offers, one or two back end offers, and then they move on.

Personally, I don’t like waste. I don’t like to leave sales behind. So I have designed the MOBE sales funnels to get every sale there is to be got – and I never stop improving it.

2.) We focus on marketing high value programs that command higher prices, and pay out higher commissions. Where you’d normally be getting commissions in the hundreds of dollars with other programs, you’re making commissions in the thousands of dollars with MOBE.

To get started as a MOBE partner like Shaqir is, the first step is to go through our 21 step orientation program HERE.

21 steps may sound like a lot – but over those 21 steps we’ll show you everything you need to know about marketing high-ticket products effectively online.

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Please help me congratulate Shaqir in the comments below – he’s worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal.




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