Diamond Consultants Al and Carol Monteiro have both enjoyed successful corporate careers while living, working and raising their family in Toronto, Canada. While both enjoyed their work, the demands of the corporate world, along with Al’s frequent and impromptu travel requirements, made it difficult to find balance between work, home and family responsibilities from day to day.

Carol began to notice that no matter how hard she worked, her climb up the corporate ladder seemed to be limited and there was always someone else to answer to for vacations and other personal needs. While she had taken the traditional route of getting a professional degree in order to get a position with good benefits, she began to realize there really was no such thing as a stable job. Carol wanted more.

Carol began to look for things she could do to improve their situation, which led to a variety of part time opportunities, but none of those fit with her family’s lifestyle and needs.

That’s when Carol and Al discovered MOBE, where they could build an online business without having to sell, have their own products, or even their own website. Despite being skeptical at first, they committed themselves to the learning process and began their entrepreneurial journey, taking advantage of MOBE educational programs to learn the basics of an online business.

Carol and Al’s success with their business helped them qualify for one of MOBE most popular incentives – the MOBE Motors Program. After picking out a Porsche Cayenne as their first MOBE Motors car, when it came time to look a new vehicle, they chose a Lexus ES 350. As a lover of the Lexus brand, Al says this one is particularly special because it is paid for by MOBE.

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