In March 2018, MOBE held it’s semi-annual event, the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat, the 4th in the history of MOBE.

This event was particularly special because Matt Lloyd distributed 84 MOBE Reward Rings to several of MOBE’s Top Earners.

Today, we feature Alex Ram, a Diamond Consultant who is not only a MOBE consultant, but also has been a successful MOBE phone coach and a MOBE Mentor. As a MOBE Mentor, he is one of the guys we trust to fly to our clients homes and teach them how to get results as successful internet marketers. Alex says that his motivation has never been about the money. His driving force became a passion for earning his $100k ring and that became his main goal. He visualized it, followed the directions of his coaches and made that goal his reality.

At the time of this recording, Alex had earned over $150,000 in commissions and collected 5 MOBE Reward Rings. His top milestone ring is a white gold ring with diamonds and a blue sapphire center stone.

Congratulations Alex!

To find out how you can earn your MOBE MILESTONES and other rewards, click HERE.




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