Platinum Consultant, Allen Dockter, lives on a small hobby farm in North Dakota where he and wife Diana enjoy spending quality time with their 17 grandchildren.

After Diana retired from her career, the Dockter’s realized their respective 401k plans were not going to be enough to provide them them the lifestyle they wanted after Allen retired. So Allen began working in the oil fields making good money, but when the North Dakota oil boom ended, he was laid off at the age of 65.

Allen began looking for online opportunities but everything he found required computer skills that he didn’t have. That is when he discovered MOBE; which offered a team of coaches to help Allen learn what he needed to build his own online business.

Allen’s MOBE business has been so successful, that after only 8 months, he qualified for the MOBE’s MOBE Motors Program and is now driving a new Chevy Silverado LTZ – all paid for by MOBE!

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