Diamond Member Alwyn Monteiro spent 24 years working on his career, but he knew he wanted something more.

He and his wife Carol knew what they always wanted for their lives, so they planned out their 5, 10, and 15 year goals. And they realized that they both:

  • Wanted to retire before 65
  • Travel more and explore new cultures
  • and live a life of adventure

Unfortunately, Alwyn knew that his current career path would not allow him to do those things. So in a leap of faith, while Carol was still employed, he made the switch to being an entrepreneur and started his own business as a consultant.

After long hours, low pay, and high stress, something needed to change. His stress led him to search for opportunities online. That is where Alwyn found MOBE.

MOBE offered Alwyn the freedom to work when he wants, and to leverage his skills so that he and Carol could live the lives they have always envisioned.

He made the decision to position himself at the Diamond mastermind level from the start, and take advantage of the high ticket commissions on the back end.

With his newfound success in his online business, Alwyn was able to get a brand new Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid SUV.

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  • Congratulations Alwyn and Carol. You have set a standard for others to follow and show them that to achieve things is possible if you work at it on a persistent basis.

    Well done!

  • Doug Sand 2 years ago

    Alwyn and Carol CONGRATULATIONS! You guys had to work at your business pretty hard to get where you are at in such a short period of time! Would like to meet you sometime soon. Take care,


  • Donnie Roberts 2 years ago

    Congratulation on the new car I am just getting started in this and hope one day to do do as well as the two of you have done
    Wish you all the best