Over a year ago, Matt Lloyd began his most aggressive project to date.

After purchasing an 8 acre property on the beach near Esterillos, Costa Rica, Matt began the massive renovation of a 23 unit resort that would soon be known as the Sunset Del Mar Resort.

To celebrate today’s very special 600th Episode of Ask Matt Lloyd, Matt will take you on a guided tour of some of the special features of Sunset Del Mar and shows you some of its unique details.

The tour is approximately 32 minutes long; but if you are interested in specific areas, you can use these times as a general guide:

Restaurant – 1:55
Seminar Room – 2:50
Gym – 3:40
Kitchen – 7:00
Lobby – 9:20
Pool – 17:00
Pavilion Suite with 2 Queens – 21:00
Film Studio – 30:50

To plan you own visit to Sunset Del Mar, check out the MOBE Mastermind Schedule.





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