Diamond members Amy and Dave Halls spent a combined 40 years building successful corporate careers in Sydney, Australia.

When they found out they were expecting their second child, they decided they wanted more time to pursue their various passions and to spend more time with their children.

Amy decided to leave her corporate job so that she could be home with her children.

Armed with a full arsenal of various business talents, Amy began to look for alternative business opportunities in which she could build a home business.

She and Dave discovered MOBE after being invited to Home Business Summit in her town.

Amy and Dave were attracted to MOBE’s business model that included top-tier commissions, mastermind events across the globe, and extensive educational opportunities.

MOBE’s multiple done-for-you systems, sophisticated tracking systems, and wide ranging support teams were a good fit for the many talents that Amy and Dave brought to the table.

Under the MOBE system, Amy and Dave have begun to create impressive results for their online business.

If you want to know more about the system that Amy and Dave are using, click Here.



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