As we move forward to keep bringing our new affiliate partners up to speed with our complete package of training and support, I did a training recently on how to start if you have no background with making money online.

In this training, I literally went “back to basics” to show our partners:

  • How to navigate our affiliate back office
  • Getting partner links and basic traffic strategies
  • What top affiliates are doing that beginners have not learned quite yet
  • Steps to take to build your business
  • Being resourceful when you do not have the resources
  • and much more

If you are just getting started with the MOBE affiliate partner program, make sure you watch this entire video training.

And make sure to do whatever you can in your first year with MOBE to get to an event like the Super Charge Summit. We have events all throughout the world where I will be teaching strategies on starting and building your online business.

We will also have many top affiliates (many of whom you see in our videos online) presenting their strategies and success stories as well.

Find a Super Charge Summit Event near you:

I’ll see you there.

Matt Lloyd



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  • Jan Krueger 2 years ago

    I have studied long enough. Taking more action as we speak. I’m excited at the possibilities. Watch Out World here I come!

  • Merlo Theodore 2 years ago

    I’m ready to promote! I understand I should start promoting MTTB. What I need to know is where is the swipe copy and what is the best advertising program to start with. Any other advice I need. Also I will upgrade to MTTB now.

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Merlo –

      Make sure you watch the Traffic Masters academy and choose the one traffic method that works best for you. If you are building your own list, you can write your own copy, otherwise I suggest signing up for other promoters newsletters and seeing how they craft their emails. Now do not copy them exactly, but see how they are doing and use similar ideas and implement into your own emails.

      Hope this helps!

  • Art Haas 2 years ago

    Can’t wait to get rolling !!

    • Nate Rio 2 years ago

      Great Art!

      Remember, treat this like your business, do whatever you can to get up and running, seek help, make relationships, get help/employees/outsource, etc. And you will do just fine.

      Cheers –
      MOBE Staff