Diamond Consultants Bill and Michelle Pescosolido got involved in MOBE after being invited to speak at a Home Business Summit.

Since then they’ve been consistently promoting MOBE products and events, with one of their main traffic sources being Facebook.

They’ve also been keynote speakers at several Super Charge Summit events as well, training other MOBE consultants on how to implement their strategies.

This is the 7th time that the million dollar earner status has been bestowed upon anyone who’s promoted MOBE.

Join me in congratulating Bill and Michelle in the comments section below…

… and if you want to see leverage the same training program Bill and Michelle got started with back in 2014, get a free trial of it HERE.

Note: in the video I say Bill and Michelle crossing $1 million in commissions marks the 6th time this milestone has been achieved. It’s actually the 7th time it’s happened.



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