Diamond Consultants Blessing & Gabriel Ekemezie, had busy and full lives they had created by following the traditional route of going to school, getting good grades and finding jobs. Blessing had enjoyed a successful 26 year career as a pharmacist but one day out of the blue, she was fired from her job. Her son, Gabriel, had always dreamed of a career in medicine and was soon headed to medical school.

The pace of Blessing’s career included long hours that forced her to miss a lot of special family moments over the years and after losing her job, she wanted to find a different path that would allow her the time freedom and financial freedom to attend graduations, school plays and family functions, set her own schedule, and, most importantly, be her own boss.

She began to search for online opportunities and soon discovered MOBE. Blessing knew right away that she had found the answer to her prayers. She had an idea to build a business with Gabriel, who was starting to have second thoughts about committing to 10 more years of school and the debt that would come with it.

Blessing and Gabriel decided to partner together and build their own MOBE business. They invested in a MOBE Mentorship and by following the teachings of their coaches and mentor, immediately began to get results.

The Ekemezis’s success with the MOBE system soon allowed them to qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. They picked out a Honda Accord Hybrid that is fully paid for by the MOBE team.

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