Diamond Member Bob Eckes spent the bulk of his working career as a corporate commissioned salesman.

After studying Robert Kiyosaki’s The Cash Flow Quadrant, he knew that he was the perfect “S”, self-employed – but spending too much time doing other people’s work.

He knew that he had spent his career making other people a lot of money, yet feared that he could be replaced at anytime for someone younger and cheaper, and he recognized that his 401-k was not going to be adequate for the retirement life he wanted.

Bob then began to search for alternate income streams. His search led him to several internet opportunities that lacked substance.

Then he found MOBE, where he was intrigued by it’s proven system that included top-tier sales commissions, one-on-one coaching, an in-house sales team, and multiple done-for-you services.

He positioned himself at the Platinum Mastermind level at a Home Business Summit in Florida and then soon upgraded to Diamond Mastermind.

In just a few months, Bob qualified for the MOBE Motors program and chose a Jeep Wrangler Altitude Unlimited package.

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