Diamond Consultant Carolina Millan became a MOBE consultant way back in 2012 when Matt Lloyd was THE telephone phone sales team and was contacting leads from his bedroom in Perth, Australia. Matt says that he still remembers the one hour conversation he had with Carolina when he was explaining the advantages of purchasing MLR, the MOBE License Rights Program, which was later improved and became MOBE’s Silver Masterclass.

Matt had a feeling about Carolina and knew then that she was going to be a special and important consultant to MOBE over time. Since that time, Carolina has not only been a staple in MOBE circles, she has remained a loyal MOBE friend in all areas of our business; from sharing her expertise with MOBE audiences from our event stages to offering support and guidance to our team when we began offering our products to the Spanish speaking market.

Carolina has created a huge following within our niche due to her patient coaching style and her expertise with video marketing. Her persistence and consistency has helped her maintain a constant presence on MOBE Leaderboards and she is currently driving her third MOBE Motors Mercedes whenever she is at home in her native Chile. At the recent MOBE Leader’s Retreat in March, 2018, she was presented with her 8th MOBE Milestones ring, a white gold ring with diamonds and white diamond center stone.

Carolina’s success makes her the 12th MOBE consultant (and 3rd Woman) to cross the $1 Million dollar milestone in MOBE commissions.

Please join me in congratulating Carolina on this huge accomplishment by sending her a message in the comments below.

NOTE: This video is a testimonial about MOBE Rewards and MOBE Milestones. Any statements regarding lifestyle, earnings, or income are examples of the results of this top earner and are NOT TYPICAL. To see what typical results are visit




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