In March 2018, MOBE held it’s semi-annual event, the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat, the 4th in the history of MOBE.

This event was particularly special because Matt Lloyd distributed 84 MOBE Reward Rings to several of MOBE’s Top Earners.

Today, we feature Carolina Millán, a Diamond consultant from Chile who got started in the very early days of MOBE. In fact, when she became a consultant in 2011, the MOBE phone team consisted of only Matt Lloyd, himself. Matt remembers an hour long phone conversation where he convinced Carolina to upgrade to MLR, which later became the Silver Masterclass. At the time, Matt says he knew there was something special about Carolina. Carolina says that at the time, she had dabbled in several other online opportunities, but when she spoke to Matt, there was something about him that she related to. He was introverted, like she was and she trusted him. Carolina says that the secret to her success has been a passion for the work she is doing, learning to believe in herself, learning to believe in the system and leveraging the tools that Matt has put into place for the benefit of his consultants.

At the time of this recording, Carolina had earned over $813,000 in commissions and earned 7 MOBE Reward Rings. Her top milestone ring is a white gold ring with diamonds and a white Diamond center stone. Recently she became the 3rd woman in MOBE to cross the $1 Million mark in commissions.

Congratulations Carolina!

To find out how you can earn your MOBE MILESTONES and other rewards, click HERE.




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