Platinum Consultant Chad Arrington knows the importance of being able to spend time at home with his family.

“It’s a full time job, but somebody’s got to do it!” Chad mentions about taking care of the kids.

Chad was raised to NOT be mediocre – to strive to be your best and reach your full potential.

For Chad, family time was an important deciding factor when he was looking for a work-from-home business. He knew that most commerce and business was now done online, so he started looking for a good business model that he could leverage.

He came across one of MOBE’s top consultants, and Chad decided to take action and start training in the 21 step system.

With the MOBE Motors Consultant incentive program, Chad earned a brand-new, white with black trim, BMW MX6!

“I call it my Shifu…my Kung-Fu Panda!”

To learn more on how to build and scale your business, visit the business training program at MOBE.




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