In March 2018, MOBE held it’s semi-annual event, the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat, the 4th in the history of MOBE.

This event was particularly special because Matt Lloyd distributed 84 MOBE Reward Rings to several of MOBE’s Top Earners.

Today, we feature Chan Nguyen Vong, a Diamond Consultant from Singapore who got started in November 2015. Chan describes himself as a humble guy; a former IT specialist who knew very little about internet marketing and spoke very limited English, but had a dream to become an international entrepreneur and trainer. He attended all of the live events he could in order to gather as much knowledge as possible.

Applying all of the MOBE Training has transformed Chan’s life and he is now, not only a MOBE Leader, but a MOBE Mentor who teaches other students how to find success with the MOBE system. Chan says that this transformation has helped make all of his dreams come true!

At the time of this recording, Chan had earned over $144,000 in commissions and collected 5 MOBE Reward Rings. His top milestone ring is a white gold ring with diamonds and a blue sapphire center stone.

Congratulations Chan!

To find out how you can earn your MOBE MILESTONES and other rewards, click HERE.





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