MOBE Diamond Member Chris Cobb discovered internet marketing as a result of desperation.

After spending years in a corporate job he hated; as well as building debt as he tried to keep up with his friends’s, Chris knew that he wanted more.

Internet Marketing offered Chris a chance at a better life. He studied and practiced his skills until he cracked the code and found the lifestyle we wanted for himself and his family.

Recently, Chris discovered MOBE, My Online Business Education. With MOBE, Chris has stretched his mind and his business by attending MOBE live events and networking with partners who are doing bigger things and teaching him about wealth creation.

MOBE has given Chris and his wife a lifestyle that allows them to be at home everyday with their new baby girl.

When Chris qualified for the MOBE Motors program, he picked out a nice family car for his wife. And then the updated MOBE Motors program gave him the opportunity to pick out the car of his dreams, a Range Rover, for free.

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MOBE Motors

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