Diamond Consultants Chris and Gil Perez have a young family with 3 children, including twins with special needs.

As the main bread winner for the family, Gil has worked hard to provide for their family, while Chris gave up her career in order to care for their children. After both receiving the training necessary to provide the best therapies for the twins, their family has thrived in this environment and have continued to progress well beyond their doctor’s prognosis.

When the twins began to get older, Chris decided it was time to augment Gil’s salary in order to secure their family’s financial future. She began to search for an opportunity that would provide her with income but still allow her the time necessary to take care of her children’s needs.

That was when Chris discovered MOBE. She and Gil got positioned at the Diamond level and have expanded their revenue from 5-figures to 6-figures in just the last 12 months.

Chris & Gil’s success with their business helped them qualify for one of MOBE most popular incentives – the MOBE Motors Program. Because Gil is also a competitive triathlete, Chris selected a motorized Elite Triathlon bike to help Gil train for races.

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