Diamond Consultant Chris Lakey, along with his business partner, TJ Rohleder, and his brother-in-law, Chris, were all seasoned direct response marketers who specialized in direct mail marketing when they met Matt Lloyd at a marketing conference several years ago.

After doing some due diligence to learn more about Matt and his company, they quickly recognized that MOBE had a lot to offer their already thriving business; and they immediately positioned themselves as Diamond members.

Chris and TJ were particularly impressed with MOBE’s turnkey system for attracting customers; as well as their done-for-you services that includes having a telephone sales team to close your sales.

The MOBE business model has not only given Chris the opportunity for international travel, it has also allowed him the freedom to spend precious time with his wife and children; as well as devote his time to some of his favorite charitable projects.

Chris’s success has also allowed him to qualify to participate in the MOBE Motors Program where he has chosen the perfect car to fit his family of 8: the GMC Terrain Denali, in which his lease payments are reimbursed by MOBE as long as he meets the qualifications.

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