Diamond Consultant Clayton Lofthouse grew up in Utah and watched his father work hard for 35 years as a dentist to support their large family. After his dad retired, Clayton witnessed his dad’s life’s savings disappear due to a bad investment deal.

After looking at his own career and seeing his future retirement potential, Clayton knew that he would not be able to live his later years as comfortably as he wanted and knew he needed to create a plan to better his financial situation.

Clayton had seen his brother begin a journey into the internet marketing world and wanted to investigate if that might be a solution to his challenge. That was how Clayton was introduced to MOBE.

With the business and life coaching he received through the MOBE system, Clayton learned how to think and live his life differently, and how to create a framework for entrepreneurship. Clayton understood the value of positioning and became a Diamond consultant.

Clayton also saw the value in Mentorship to fast track his business and after only a few short months his success has also allowed him to qualify to participate in the MOBE Motors Program. Clayton chose a Lexus CT 200H F Sport and his lease payments are reimbursed by MOBE as long as he meets the qualifications.

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