Diamond Consultant Dave Smith grew up in rural Ohio but moved to big city Chicago for college. College life didn’t turn out exactly as he planned, and Dave began a series of career 9 to 5 jobs in middle America.

Dave spent his working career dreaming of being his own boss, but never had the courage to start his own business. Once his time for retirement came, his hopes of enjoying his new freedom traveling and enjoying a rich life quickly evaporated when he realized he could not live on his pension.

Dave began to look for alternative ways of making money and stubbled upon MOBE. After watching a webinar taught by Matt Lloyd, and investigating further into the MOBE 21 step system, Dave took advantage of MOBE’s training programs, got positioned as a Diamond consultant, and after only 6 months promoting, his month income has averaged over $7,000 per month.

Dave’s success with the MOBE system soon allowed him to qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. Dave pick out a Lexus RX350 to drive to his beloved Nascar races and loves that all of the payments are paid by MOBE.

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