Diamond Consultant David Pritchard has enjoyed a lifetime of satisfying careers over the years including but not limited to jobs in the healthcare industry, the restaurant industry, and working as a massage therapist.

David has successfully helped many of his clients to shape their lives into what they wanted them to be; and while those accomplishments were fulfilling, they never put David on to the path that he sought for himself.

David was seeking financial freedom and the freedom to teach and the freedom to help others in third world countries.

In 2010, he started hearing about internet marketing and began to educate himself about the industry. Finding himself intrigued by the possibilities of success, David dabbled in a few online opportunities, but fear of the unknown kept him from becoming fully committed.

Fast forward to 2017 when David heard a radio commercial advertising one of MOBE live events. Still skeptical, he attended with a friend to help him analyze the offer. Immediately, he could see that MOBE was a very different company. With a proven system that included personal coaching and a 21 step process, David found what he was looking for in an online opportunity.

David understood the importance of positioning, began promoting at the Diamond level, and his success not only brought him top tier, backend commissions; but helped him qualify for one of MOBE most popular incentives – the MOBE Motors Program. David is now enjoying driving a Nissan Pathfinder that he intends hook up to a camper so that he can explore the country while working his online business

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