Diamond Consultant Deborah Shaw has a entrepreneurial spirit and spent most of her career in some sort of sales; raising a family with her husband, Terry, while they created lots of memories moving from place to place due to Terry’s job in the Air Force.

In 2005, Deborah started what she thought would be her last business as a Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant where she had dreams of building the greatest team possible and becoming a national sales director.

Unfortunately, Terry was then diagnosed with a terminal illness and Deborah’s focus became re-targeted toward caring for her family. Terry fought bravely for 10 years and exceeded all doctor’s prognoses as Deborah cared for him; all the while, in true entrepreneurial fashion, learning everything she could about internet marketing and searching for ways to secure her financial future.

In her search for businesses she could build while working from home, Deborah discovered MOBE, with it’s Done-for-You services and was especially interested in having a MOBE sales team that would close her leads that she brought in simply by placing ads for MOBE products and MOBE events.

After Terry succumbed to his illness, Deborah threw herself into her MOBE business, traveling to MOBE events throughout the world and building a valuable network of friends and resources in which to build her business. Her success helped her to qualify for one of MOBE most popular incentives – the MOBE Motors Program. Deborah chose a Cadillac SRX for her MOBE Motor car in which her lease payments will be reimbursed to her, as long as she meets the monthly requirement.

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