The first Diamond Mastermind of  2015 in Bali, Indonesia is in the history books.

Each Diamond Mastermind is an extensive workshop where the MOBE team comes in and helps  each Diamond member build your own product, developing your brand and creating  a unique niche that builds your business around You. The Diamond Mastermind lasts  for a total of 11 nights and has the highest ratio of staff to guests of all of our mastermind programs.

In Bali, over the course of 10 days, my expert team and I created a main offer for each Diamond member present, put together all the marketing, created a high ticket back end offer, setup traffic strategies, and then launched a new funnel for each and every Diamond Member.  We modeled each funnel in a similar fashion as the proven MOBE sales funnels that have been perfected over the years.

You can see the photos here:

Diamond Pictures – Welcome Dinner

Diamond Pictures – Day 1

Diamond Pictures – Day 2

Diamond Pictures – Day 3

Diamond Pictures – Day 4

Diamond Pictures – Day 5

Diamond Pictures – Day  6

Diamond Pictures – Day 7

Diamond Pictures – Day 8

Diamond Pictures – Day 9

Diamond Pictures – Day 10

Diamond Pictures – Day 10-part 2

Diamond Pictures – Head Shots

Don’t miss our next Diamond Mastermind, which will be in Mexico in September of 2015 (promo video coming soon).




Diamond Mastermind

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