Diamond Member Georg Kerschhackl was born into a humble family in southern Austria.

He learned the value of hard work by watching his parents when he was a young boy.

George joined the work force at an early age and quickly discovered that hard work and long hours alone would not provide him with the things of which he dreamed: a nice house, a nice car and a family free from financial worry.

Georg and his wife, Isabella, reside on a lake in the countryside of Verona with their 3 children.

Georg’s family enjoys a nice Italian lifestyle with good wine, good Italian food and the company of Isabella’s parents.

Soon after the birth of their third child, Georg and Isabella received the devastating news that their son suffered from a rare disease.

This caused Georg to examine his career and look for ways that he could spend less time working at a job and more time enjoying his family.

That was when Georg discovered MOBE and began to build a business of his own where he would have the financial freedom to be his own boss, work his own hours, and spend precious time with his family.

In MOBE, Georg took advantage of the networking opportunities and immersion programs to build a successful business with a partner in Italy.  In MOBE, Georg found the path to fulfill the dreams that he had held on to since he was a young boy.

Georg describes himself as an average guy who found success because of one thing:  He took action.  Georg’s success in MOBE was the direct result of Georg taking action to take control of his future.

You, too, can find that success. All you have to do is to take action by Clicking Here.




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