Diamond Member Peter Schmitz spent a long career in sales and direct marketing.

His long term plan to move up through management didn’t work out as he had planned and he began to search for an on-line vehicle in which to apply his vast sales experience.

Peter wanted a portable business that he could take anywhere, so that he and his wife could escape the cold Chicago winters and enjoy life in warmer climates.

What Peter found in MOBE was a comprehensive program that allowed him to learn the system at his own pace.

The one-on-one coaching that MOBE provided gave Peter guidance along the way with a trusted partner who taught him the ins and outs of internet marketing.

MOBE’s awesome sales team worked at converting his leads so that Peter didn’t have to sell if he chose not to.

Lastly, MOBE offered fantastic Mastermind events in exotic locations all over  the globe.  These Mastermind events continue to provide MOBE partners with invaluable networking opportunities several times per year.

Peter found immediate success in MOBE.  That success continues to grow each day.  If you want to find the success that Peter has found, Click Here.




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