Gold Consultant Edith Wenzl was happy in her retirement, enjoying her passion for cooking and organic gardening; as well as, taking care of the home she shares with her husband, Albert, and their dog in Oregon when Albert discovered MOBE and became a Diamond consultant.

Albert had such great success with MOBE that he convinced Edith that she needed create her own MOBE business and they could work together and support each other.

After only 6 months, Edith has been pleasantly surprised with her ability to consistently make commissions at the Gold Consultant level. She particularly enjoys receiving the “Cha-ching!” emails everytime she earns new commissions.

Edith was especially excited to realize that her success has qualified her to participate in the MOBE Motors Program where she could choose her own favorite car to drive. Edith selected an environmentally friendly Nissan Leaf fully electric car, in which the lease payments will be fully covered by MOBE as long as she continues to meet the qualifications.

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