Diamond Consultant, Ewen Chia, lives in Singapore and has enjoyed a lucrative career as an affiliate marketer since joining the industry in 1997.Ewen began his online career the old fashioned way – learning on his own and struggling for 5 years before his business began to take off.

Over the past 20 years, Ewen has made millions of dollars in commissions; but says that his business skyrocketed to a new level after he discovered MOBE and took advantage of all of MOBE’s done for you services. This left him free to focus on only one thing: driving quality leads to an irresistible offer. After that, Ewen lets the MOBE coaching team take over and do the rest.

Ewen’s MOBE business has been so successful, that he qualified for the MOBE’s MOBE Motors Program and is now driving a new Mercedes around his beloved Singapore – all courtesy of MOBE!

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