The video above was taken from our recent Platinum Mastermind, held in Fiji…

Over 100 high level entrepreneurs flew in from all over the world, to learn from some of the best minds in personal development, wealth creation, and marketing.

The decision to get fully positioned as a Platinum Member is not one you take lightly.  You only do it if you’re ready to fully commit to your business.

But by doing so, you’ll find you will take your business more seriously than you ever have before.

In the last 7 days, the guy below got fully positioned as both a Titanium and Platinum Mastermind member. 

He’s been online for since 2007, has spent an absolute fortune on internet marketing training and systems, and until recently had never made a single commissionl (literally).

Today, he made his first $1,000 commission online, as a MOBE Platinum partner.  And, I think we should all celebrate that…


The system Virgilio used to make that $1,000 commission, is called ‘My Top Tier Business.’

It’s new, and it’s different to anything you’ve ever seen before.

That’s not marketing hype: this system, which is about to be opened to the public in just a few days, is going to turn the entire internet marketing industry on it’s head.

To get on the waiting list (or join, depending on when you see this), CLICK HERE.

And if you can:  leave a comment for Virgilio… this guy is the definition of persistence.

Talk soon,




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