Diamond Consultant Grant McDonell has been a serial entrepreneur throughout his entire career, mostly in the sales and marketing industry. Although he enjoyed great financial successes, he came to realize that with long hours and high overhead, the general stress of owning his own business made it feel as if his business owned him, rather the other way around.

After branching out into the travel industry business, Grant decided to launch an internet travel business which helped him gain valuable experience into marketing on the internet; which was a completely new skill set he could add to his knowledge base. However, for the first time in his entrepreneurial journey, Grant experienced very little success, making only one sale over a period of several months in which he experimented with multiple marketing strategies.

That is when Grant discovered the MOBE 21-step system where he learned how to apply the principles of the program to tweak the strategies he had attempted before and soon he began to make sales in his internet business. But the sales he was making in his own online business were small scale commissions at only a few hundred dollars per sale.

So Grant began to promote MOBE products so that he could enjoy the top tier commissions on the back end of MOBE’s sales. That was when Matt Lloyd, himself, reached out to Grant to offer him a position on the MOBE sales team; where Grant coaches other affiliates on how to find success within the MOBE system.

Grant’s affiliate success with MOBE helped him to qualify to participate in the MOBE Motors Program. Now Grant is driving a 2015 Jaguar XJ AWD in which MOBE will reimburse him for his lease payments as long as he continues to meet the affiliate sales criteria required by the program.

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