Diamond Consultant Greg Atkins was a successful business owner making what he thought was a good living; when be began to feel stuck by the responsibilities of managing his staff and overhead; as well as feeling stuck by having to report to an office every day.

As Greg began to feel the real truth that his business really owned him, he made a decision not to let the best years of his life slip through his fingers.

He knew that if he truly wanted to have pure financial freedom and build the lifestyle that he desired, he would have to find a mentor who could teach him how to create that reality for himself.

That’s when Greg found a community of like-minded entrepreneurs within the MOBE system and he began to build an internet business where he could create systems that would automate his business and allow him to live the lifestyle for which he dreamed.

Greg’s success with the MOBE system helped him to qualify for MOBE’s most popular incentive, the MOBE Motors program. Greg chose the Maserati Quattroporte GS as his dream car and all of his payments are covered by MOBE.

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MOBE Motors

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