If you look at all the people in the home based business industry, you’ll find that 5% make over 90% of the money. So the natural question becomes, “what are these 5% of people doing differently from the rest?” There’s a number of things, but, one of the biggest is their attendance at live events. In late 2010, when I was still struggling to gain any momentum in my business (which I’d been at for almost 2 years), I made a huge decision. I decided to take a 35 hour flight to Las Vegas for an online marketing event. It was a big sacrifice for me, but I knew that I needed to take significant steps to make a change in my business. I met some great people, and learned some very important strategies, that I took home and implemented right away. I began promoting an affiliate launch, and ended up making $7,100 in the span of a week. That was a lot of money for me then. The lesson from my experience, is that you need to do the things that the top 5% earners are doing, that the rest are not. Live event are key to this. Very soon, MOBE will be hosting a 3 day live event called The Home Business Summit. There’s 1 purpose to this event: to give you everything you need to have your first 6 figure year online. You need to be there. And if you’re truly serious about doing well in this industry, you will be… Visit:




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