Are you new to the world of information marketing?
Perhaps you’ve purchased yourself a business system or have developed your own product and you don’t have any idea of who you want to market the product to. Not only that, but you have no idea how to establish yourself as an authority or source of credibility to an audience to sell to.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

In this video you’ll meet Chris Laikey, a successful marketer out of Kansas who’s been selling info products for over 20 years; And has been key to growing an enterprise that has amassed over 150 million dollars in sales.

When you begin your journey with marketing, you need not look any further than your own experience when considering who to sell to. If you found or developed a winning product, the best audience for you is going to be that one that travelled the same road you have.  It’s always good to begin in familiar territory it also lends itself to your credibility and experience.

Make a self-assessment.

Think of all the trial and error you’ve gone through to get you to the point where you’re prepared to sell a product online.
Think about the benefits of the product you’re marketing. These benefits can be reflected straight on to your audience of potential customers.

When it comes to your sales copy and videos, speak as if you’re talking to yourself  at that very moment when you needed the product you are now selling.

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