At every Titanium and Platinum Mastermind, MOBE will usually host a 5 day ‘Immersion‘ coaching program after.

This is for a small group of people who want to work with Matt Lloyd and some of the top affiliates in MOBE 1-on-1, and take their business to the next level.

This video contains a snippet of the 1-on-1 session Platinum Member Shivinder Athwal did during his Immersion consulting session.

Some of the topics discussed:

1:40  How To build a relationship and make sales at the same time

2:50  How to make sales quickly

3:08  How to use scarcity the right way…

5:50  Time as a scarce resource

16:50  Good places to get traffic

19:00  Creating email follow-up sequences

21:09  How to do your first sales webinar

25:30  How to transition to a close on your webinar

41:25  Creating content for webinars

44:00  The absolute worst enemy to getting results for entrepreneurs




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