Diamond Consultant Dr. Janrus Abello has enjoyed a successful career as an emergency room physician in the Philippines; but the required long hours has been a challenge to his need to be more available to his family.

Even though he enjoyed the challenge of helping diagnose and treat his patients, Janrus understood clearly that trading time for money was not the best option for his family and he began to look for a way to find balance between his work life and his home life.

Janrus tried several online opportunities; but when he discovered MOBE, he found a company that would ofter training to help him understand clearly what he needed to do to make a second income online and give him the time freedom for which he was searching.

Janrus’ success with the MOBE system soon allowed him to qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. Janrus surprised his family with a Dodge Durango as his MOBE Motors car, and all of the payments are paid for him by MOBE.

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MOBE Motors

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