Diamond Consultant Jill Veverka spent her life-long career teaching high school English to teenagers.

Currently living in Northern California’s Napa Valley where husband, Don, is the CEO of the largest Veteran’s retirement facility in the United States, the Veverka’s plan to settle in Oregon after Don retires.

When offered a lucrative early retirement offer herself, Jill made a decision to leave her 28 year teaching career; but soon grew unsatisfied with her daily activities and began searching for something more fulfilling to do with her time.

Searching for a new challenge, Jill began looking for business opportunities, while focusing on options that included not a only good training program, but also a sound financial base. Jill then discovered MOBE with its strong support systems, it’s Done For You Services, and soon began her new career as an affiliate marketer.

Jill was a quick learner, and by following the teachings of her mentors, she found the time freedom and financial freedom she had been searching for as she became a rising star within MOBE.

Jill’s success qualified her to enjoy one of MOBE’s most coveted incentives: participation in the MOBE Motors program in which MOBE is now paying for the brand new Audi SQ5 that Jill is currently driving.

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