Diamond Consultant Joe Chou knew early on that college was not a good fit for him and after working many years in the service industry, he decided to become an entrepreneur selling Real Estate.

What he found was that he was not a good Real Estate Salesman; but because he still had the entrepreneurial itch, he invested in more training and began a business rehabbing defaulted real estate mortgages.

Joe found good success with this venture until the economy changed, regulations became tighter and the process became much harder and less enjoyable.

The thought of applying for jobs and going through the interview process and being dependent on others actions and judgements was not how Joe wanted to live his life. So, he began to search for online opportunities.

That is when Joe discovered MOBE; which offered a business model where he didn’t have to sell anyone anything, he didn’t have to make cold calls, or knock on people’s doors at dinner time. MOBE’s done for you system that handled sales, customer service and training was the solution for which Joe had been searching.

After applying the knowledge he earned in his MOBE training; along with what he had learned from his earlier ventures, Joe began sending leads into the MOBE system and soon began to see results.

Joe’s success soon allowed him to qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. Joe and his wife chose a reliable Honda Pilot as their MOBE Motors car and all of their payments are paid by MOBE.

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MOBE Motors

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