Diamond Consultant John Chow is the master of the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle.

John, who describes himself as unemployable, is well known as one the world’s best bloggers.

John joined the MOBE Consultant program after meeting Matt Lloyd at an industry event in 2013 and is a frequent presenter and attendee at most of MOBE’s Titanium Mastermind and Platinum Mastermind events.

This week, John earned an $18,800 commission when one of his leads upgraded from Silver to Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond in one day.

When asked how he was able to convert the sale, John explained that all he does is drive traffic to his current favorite offer, the Ultimate Dot Com lifestyle (an offer featuring, of course, John Chow) and then he gets out of the way and lets the MOBE phone team take over and convert his sales for him – all while he is enjoying location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom.

Taking advantage of MOBE’s done-for-you services has not only earned John over $2.5 Million in MOBE commissions, but he has also earned three MOBE Motors cars and will join other MOBE top consultants on the MOBE Leaders Cruise in December.

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