MOBE Diamond member John Chow has been a full time internet marketer since 1998.  In this video, John explains the freedom of living a dot com lifestyle:

  • Freedom of time
  • Freedom of money
  • Freedom of location

John splits his time between Vancouver, Canada and sunny Orange County, California. He runs his business out of his home, which allows him to walk his daughter to and from school each day and spend valuable and precious time with his family.

John first met Matt Lloyd at a mastermind in San Diego, California. They hit it off immediately and John joined MOBE right away. In less than two years, John became one of MOBE’s top affiliates of all time and a proud member of the Million Dollar Ring club.

John’s early success in MOBE earned him the distinction of being the first MOBE licensee to qualify for a new Mercedes in the MOBE Merc program. John chose a 2013 SL 550 Mercedes.

A new and expanded recognition program – MOBE Motors – is now in place and John just recently picked out a new Jaguar F-Type.

If you are interested in picking out the car of your dreams, check out our  MOBE Motors program.

If you want to know more about living a dot com lifestyle, Click Here.



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