Diamond Consultant Kae Bajwa followed the traditional path that society says to follow; she went to University and made good grades so that she could secure a good job and a solid financial future.

Although she was making good money, she soon discovered that trading time for money left her very little time freedom to enjoy her life and family. When she started to have some chronic health problems, Kae knew that she had to find a better way to live and began to search for a way to transition out of her job.

That’s when Kae discovered MOBE, which offered her a blueprint in which to build an online business that would allow her the freedom to work anywhere she had a computer and a wifi connection.

In less than six months, Kae’s success with MOBE helped her to qualify to participate in the MOBE Motors Program. Now Kae is driving a new Mercedes in which MOBE will reimburse her for her lease payments as long as she continues to meet the sales criteria.

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MOBE Motors

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