Diamond Consultant Karen Heaton quit her day job when her first child was born because she and her husband, Todd didn’t want her to miss those special moments at home.

As their family grew to 5 children, Karen and Todd started a janitorial business so that they could dictate their own lives. They didn’t realize how difficult owning a labor intensive business would be.

Karen knew there had to be a better way. She began to look for work-from-home opportunities online. That is when she discovered MOBE.

Karen quickly realized that MOBE was the solution for her family’s situation. She could utilize MOBE’s done-for-you services while setting her own schedule and spending time with her kids everyday while she earned an income from home.

In only 3 months, Karen was able earn a MOBE Motors Ford Transit van that is comfortable and big enough to fit her entire family, yet easy to drive around town. If you want to learn how you can drive the car of your dreams for free, click Here.




MOBE Motors

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