Have you ever lost money on the stock market?

Have you ever gained money on the stock market?

Have you ever noticed that it hurts much more to lose than it feels good to gain?

Sometimes that disparity makes us afraid to take action in our investment decisions.

Too many of us are used to getting paid by our time. That is the worst way to get paid.

Why? Because time is a limited resource.

You have to make saving and investing as rewarding as spending.

For most of us it feels good to spend money. We get a shot of dopamine when we purchase something we have always wanted.

You need to develop those same feelings about saving money. You have to train yourself to feel good about that.

People often ask me why I put on Mastermind events. I believe that our society and our economy is more evolved because of entrepreneurship. I want to contribute to that and I want other entrepreneurs and business owners to do well. That is why I do what I do.

Financially independent and wealthy people don’t believe that life happens to them. They believe that they create their own circumstances.

Rather than playing the game NOT to lose, wealthy people look at how they can make things work for them.

You have to hang on to the vision that you can find freedom in your life.

If you are interested in finding freedom and preserving your wealth, this program is for you.





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