T. Harv Eker (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind) says that the most important principle for growing wealth in today’s economy is “Understanding your past attitudes toward money and changing them if need be.”

A lot of people believe that external circumstances determine wealth creation.

The truth is – it’s YOU.

When presented with a challenge, one type of person will find hundreds of hurdles and excuses for why it can’t be done. Another type of person will simply say, “How can I do it?”

Resourcefulness is one of the key tenants of being an entrepreneur.

A true entrepreneur doesn’t get stopped. They always find a way around a challenge.

Every time I have a challenge in my business, I refuse to be stopped. I’ll find a way around it. I’ll go over it, under it, around it. There is always a way.

This is a mantra you must adopt.

You need to be unstoppable. You need to be a warrior.

You don’t have the luxury of making excuses.

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