Most people spend their lives trading time for money. That’s why most people never get out of the rat race.

What is the problem with time? You can’t get it back and you can’t make more of it.

You need to transcend the raw exchange of time for money.

How do you do that?

You have to get out of this paradigm of you working for your money. Instead you’ve got to create systems that do the work.

A system is scalable. A system doesn’t work based on time.

If you can leverage other people’s efforts, suddenly, the world is your oyster. It’s a much more scalable business model.

The things you do to create a $10,000 per month business are very different than the things you do to create a $100,000 per month business.

For example, in MOBE, I want to increase our current business of approximately a half a million dollars revenue per month to 1.5 million dollars per month by the end of the year.

In order to do that, I will have to change our current model. I will have to change some of the ways I am spending my time.

If your income is currently stuck and not increasing, look at how you are spending your time.

How you spend your time will determine the difference between your results and those of the top earners in our industry.

It doesn’t mean that they are smarter than you; it only means that they spend their time in different ways than you do.

You have lots of options for how you prioritize your time. The key is in outsourcing.





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