Seven months ago, Diamond Member Meidee Lim was a stay-at-home mom who only used the internet to access social media.

Even though Meidee had earned a Master’s Degree from a prestigious university in the United States, she had been unable to find the level of financial success she wanted in the career world.

Knowing that she needed more for herself, but not wanting to trade time away from her boys for money, she heard that ordinary people, like her, were making money online.

After doing some research, she discovered Matt Lloyd and My Online Business Education (MOBE).

MOBE’s coaching program and done-for-you services have allowed Meidee to build her business while offering her the freedom to participate in all her boy’s activities.

Additionally, Meidee’s boys motivated her to qualify for the MOBE motors program, which allows her to drive a brand new Lexus around their Connecticut town.

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