In March 2018, MOBE held it’s semi-annual event, the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat, the 4th in the history of MOBE.

This event was particularly special because Matt Lloyd distributed 84 MOBE Reward Rings to several of MOBE’s Top Earners.

Today, we feature MOBE’s all-time highest earning consultants, Mike Antoni and Mike Williams, Diamond Consultants who built a team that has become a major force for MOBE. Matt remembers meeting Mike and and Mike via skype conversation while traveling to an event in Thailand in 2013. He was particularly impressed with how consistently Mike and Mike had led the Leaderboards for many other companies’ marketing offers. When asked what was the secret to their success, Mike Antoni shares that it is the ability to create a system that you can build around and then continue to tweak and perfect that system a little bit every day. Mike Williams adds that having a risk tolerance that will allow you to fail hard and fail fast; yet learn from your mistakes is crucial to building a successful business.

At the time of this recording, Mike and Mike had earned over $23 Million in commissions and earned 12 MOBE Reward Rings. Their top milestone ring is a Platinum ring with diamonds and a very rare Natural Alexandrite center stone. And, both Mike and Mike were each awarded a Presidential Day Date Diamond encrusted Rolex watch.

Congratulations Mike and Mike!

To find out how you can earn your MOBE MILESTONES and other rewards, click HERE.




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