7 figure ring 2 Want a sneak peak of what the MOBE consultant program 7 figure ring looks like?

This ring is one of the many recognition rewards that was revealed at a recent Super Charge Summit event.

MOBE rewards their consultants with different luxury items as they cross different benchmarks of earned commissions with their consultant referral program.

7 figure ringSuch rewards are the $100k club ring, the 7 Figure club ring, Leaders Cruises, and the prestigious 8 Figure Club Rolex.

This is the first ever sneak peak of what the rings will look like.

The 7 Figure Club ($1 million in earned commissions) is an absolutely stunning ring, made of platinum, and a beautiful center stone, surrounded by 2 rows of diamonds (signifying the 2 major milestones crossed – 6 and 7 figures).

The center stone will change depending on which level of commissions are sold. The higher the commissions, the rarer the stone.

You can view the other rewards and prizes given out on the MOBE Consultant program page.




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