I’m happy to announce MOBE finally has full ownership of our first resort in Costa Rica!

We have 38 construction crew onsite now working very fast to turn this into a 5 star resort by March, 2017.

Currently, there are 30 rooms we can use for guests, but we have plenty of room to add more units on the 8 acres of beach front property.

We will be holding the majority of our 2017 Masterminds at the new resort.

But we’ll still do a few other masterminds closer to Asia and Europe throughout the year to accomodate our clients.

My ultimate goal is to have several resorts in a few different locations throughout the world so that it’s never a long trip to attend a MOBE mastermind.

I am planning to document the resort’s construction progress along the way. Watch this very first “BEFORE” version to see where we are starting from and follow as we transform this property into a great MOBE Mastermind Destination.



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