Diamond Consultant Alred Wenzl has spent his life searching for the right entrepreneurial opportunity.

After many failed attempts, along with some minor successes that allowed him to put money aside for the future, he never found THE opportunity for which he had been searching.

Then, Alfred suffered a stroke which forced him into a retirement for which he was not prepared.

Fortunately, Alfred and his wife, Edith had saved their money and were able purchase a retirement home that they loved and when Edith retired, Alfred began his quest again to find the right online opportunity in which to fill his time and supplement his income. For several years, Alfred tried many different offers but unfortunately, he found himself frustrated with the offers that promised but did not deliver. Then, in early 2017, Alfred discovered MOBE and he knew he had found the solution he was looking for in an online business.

Alfred’s new MOBE friends and clients call him “Good Ol’ Al” and his success in MOBE helped him qualify for the MOBE Motors Program after less than 6 months of promoting. Now Alfred is driving a brand new Mercedes which is fully paid for by MOBE.

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MOBE Motors

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