Diamond Consultants Carlos and Shane Garza met in Mexico 12 years ago and immediately knew they were looking for the same future – a life as entrepreneurs with the freedom to work a schedule that would leave plenty of time to enjoy the family they wanted to have.

Fast forward 10 years to find Carlos working as a graphic designer of children’s cartoons and Shane teaching High School English; but with their family expanding, they were not headed down the path they had envisioned together.

Carlos and Shane began looking for online opportunities to help get them back on track. That’s when they discovered MOBE, with it’s extensive coaching programs and done-for-you services.

Now, Carlos and Shane, working part time, have begun to build a business that can replace their jobs and give them the freedom of which they dreamed.

Carlos and Shane’s success in MOBE also helped them qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. The car they chose for their growing family is a new Toyota Siena Mini-van which is fully paid for by MOBE.

To discover how you can qualify to drive the car of your dreams, click Here.




MOBE Motors

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