Originally, the MobeMotors.com program was called the ‘MOBE Chrysler’ program.

Once affiliate partners had achieved a minimum level of commissions, they qualified for a monthly lease payment towards a brand new Chrysler which MOBE would pay for.

I then realised that Chrysler was not exactly considered a ‘luxury brand’ by many people around the world.

So I changed it to the ‘MOBE Merc’ program, where you’d have to get a Mercedes Benz.

Dozens of people started driving their Mercedes shortly after, and most of our affiliates were very happy with this make of car.

But a few were not.

They wanted to have the freedom to choose what type of car they wanted.

Some wanted BMW’s… others wanted to get a Porsche.  Some just wanted a plain Ford or General Motors car.

So in early 2015, the program was changed to the ‘MOBE Motors’ program.

Any car would be allowed, as long as it was a later model than 2009, and it was a car.

Our affiliates seemed to love this.

We were the only company I knew of that offered complete freedom of choice for a car reward program.

But then I decided we could take it one step further.

What if instead of being limited to just a car… you could get any motorised vehicle?

What if you could earn a Yacht… a Harley Davidson… or even as one of our affiliate partners suggest, a small airplane?

Now that would be cool.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

The MOBE Motors program has evolved, and now you can get any motorised vehicle you want!.

As long as you can sit in and control the vehicle, and it has a motor, you can earn payments towards it by simply making enough sales in MOBE.

Ryan Jaten is the first affiliate partner to get one of these ‘non-car’ vehicles (Ryan also happens to be the phone sales manager for MOBE, managing the team that produces the majority of our affiliates $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000 commissions).

Watch the video above to see what he got – he sure loves it.

Who knows what kind of vehicle our affiliate partners will get next.

What would you like to get?

If you could get any motorised vehicle with your MOBE Motors points, what would it be?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

And if you’d like to start earning MOBE Motors points, the first step is to become an affiliate partner.  You can do that HERE.





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  • Lindelani 2 years ago

    hi i’m exited to be part of this growing family, my biggest problem i’m struggling to get started i’m in South Africa. i tried many thing in online marketing and i’v lost huge money but i can see that this is the one , i wanna grow with this company and i’m willing to do anything to be on top, drive my own car of my dreams like you guys, and buy beautiful home for my mom and my kids…..#FUN AND FULFILMENT IS IN THE MOBE FAMILY